For this project the client was getting their house ready to put on the market.  This is a downstairs closet that was under the stairs.  As you can see it had become a place to put items to get them out of the way with no real order or place for the items that had found a home here.  We worked to clean out the entire space so the actual size of the closet was visible and the items inside the closet now had a home so the space could stay clean and organized moving forward.

This client has a collection of Batman, UFC, and NFL memorabilia and the goal of this project was to set up this dedicated room as a space for all of it to be displayed and easily viewed.  As you can see before there was a bed in the room and the collections were stacked on top of each other with no real order.  We were able to transform this room and really show off the amazing collections this client has, which then opened the room with more space to expand.

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