Moving & Relocation

Moving can be unsettling so allow me the help relieve the pain and stress of moving and relocating.

  • Planning prior to the move
  • Specialize in purging to stop the clutter from traveling to your new home
  • Properly pack and label
  • Unpack boxes
  • Arranging donations
  • Discuss space planning & item placement
  • Help direct movers on move-in day

Residential & Home

Would you like to like to learn how to de-clutter  spaces and surfaces and put systems in place to keep them that way?  If so, I will apply the best organizational principles to any room in your home to help you make the most of your usable space and valuable time.

  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Areas
  • Office
  • Kitchen Organizing
  • Garage, attics, and storage organization
  • Closet Systems
  • Paper Management
  • Time Management
  • Children, seniors and students



  • Hourly and cost effective packages are available to accommodate your budget
  • Most projects will require at least 4-5 hour minimum per day in order to get some organizing accomplished and see results
  • Payment is due at the end of each work day.

Call for a Free phone assessment

Phone: (979) 229-6835

Situational Solutions

Sometimes when you're dealing with a new event or tragedy in your life your environment begins to suffer.  Change is often difficult to make and hard to adjust to so if your feeling overwhelmed with your belongings in your environment due to a situational change, let me help.

  • Marriage - merging households
  • New baby - making room & organizing systems
  • Divorce - letting go for a fresh start
  • Death - letting go of an inheritance of belongings
  • Job loss - getting organized to get out there again

Office Organizing

Are you missing business opportunities due to lack of organization?  Do you leave work everyday only to face tomorrow with the same piles of paperwork, projects and little progress at your desk?  If so, I can help create an organized office system so that you spend more time getting work done and less time looking for files, orders, bills, tax information, etc.

  • Set up a paper system that you can utilize on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Offer advice on what should be kept, tossed, recycled or shredded.
  • De-clutter, eliminate and organize your space.

Senior Downsizing & Management

This can be an emotional and hard process for all involved so allow me to assist in necessary time for your family.

  • Create a space phone for the new home
  • Help decide what to purge and keep
  • De-clutter and disperse items to family and charitable organizations
  • Assist in paper management
  • Pack and unpack

College Student-New Chapter

Being on your own for the first time and letting your kids go off into the world can be stressful so allow me to provide services to ease this transition.

  • Adjusting to small spaces
  • Organizing those spaces for maximum functionality
  • Pack and unpack
  • Study habits
  • Assist in paper management


I will listen to your needs and implement a custom plan to sort, purge, assign a home for belongings and re-design to create functionality and a space you love to come home to.

  • Assess your space
  • Determine job requirements
  • Estimate amount of hours needed
  • schedule times for working

I offer FREE phone assessments!